Our Design Philosophy

Design sits at the forefront of everything we build. It’s part of why stakeholders know that they can trust our team to deliver, and why our customers know the property they rent or buy is built to exacting standards of beauty which spur creativity, collaboration and community. From the architectural vision to the materials we use, each aspect of our developments’ design is beautiful, logical, and sustainable.

Highly Developed Aesthetic Standards

When you enter a Priya Hiranandani Living development, you’ll notice the striking architecture, contemporary design and cosmopolitan touches. Whether in a residential or a commercial building, a warehouse or a garden, we’ve created bright spaces that maximise natural light and open up onto beautiful, nature filled views. Beauty is important to us, and we incorporate it in every detail, from the design of common areas to green spaces and public facilities.

Built With The Environment, Not Despite It

While it’s easy to see a new piece of undeveloped land as a totally blank slate, without a considered approach it’s much harder to make it sustainable and affordable to run. Our approach employs environmentally sound practices and sustainable materials, and minimises the ongoing costs of maintenance, heating, and cooling — a benefit for investors and residents alike.

Forward Thinking And Future-proof

Our designs are timeless and sophisticated, the perfect marriage of years of expertise and a passion for the latest innovations in the world of development. We take a considered approach when erecting our buildings. What are they for now? What might they be in twenty years? How can we make sure that they’ll be able to adapt to what the future might bring? We avoid trendy ideas, yet we are unafraid to work with new materials and fresh aesthetics.

Designed Collaboratively With Experts

We take pride in the strength of our team, as well as the myriad experts that provide their input on various aspects of the design process. Using our team, ranging from urban planners and traffic consultants to experienced artisans and craftsmen, we’re able to know that we’re making the best choices.

Easy To Settle In

Our developments are designed with your future in mind, but also to be easy to use from the outset. From the infrastructure to the monitoring systems that run it, we use the best technology to make sure everything needed today, in two years, and in two decades will be there and ready. Access to healthcare and education, sustainable green spaces, and round-the-clock power and internet are just the beginning — and they’re accessible from day one, no need to wait.

Holistically Design Centric

At Priya Hiranandani Living, design is a holistic concept. It’s about aesthetics, materials, sustainability, durability, and planning. Beauty sits at the forefront of our decisions, and is the touchstone of our work.

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