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About Our Founder

Our founder Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala is an entrepreneur and investor who has been active in the real estate sector in India since 1999. Since then, the business has expanded to include investments in the UK and the USA, with a mix of different asset classes including warehousing, residential and commercial space, and the development and ownership of land and development platforms.

Our Vision

“Recent events have created a world in which the global real estate industry is poised for disruption in the face of new opportunities. Funded by strategic utilisation of our liquidity and capital, we will deliver on our promise to provide infrastructure, quality of life, aesthetic beauty, and educational and health institutions to present and future communities. I am confident that the expertise of our team — built over more than two decades of success — will make a positive impact.”
-Priya Hiranandani-Vandrevala

Knowledge Forged Through Experience

We have been growing our portfolio since 1999, using our wealth of knowledge to invest in projects across the US, the UK, and India. We develop and invest in various asset classes, including land, infrastructure, city centre building projects, warehousing sites, and large world-class multi-asset integrated township developments.

Our success is underpinned by a track record of high-quality completed assets with the potential for capital appreciation, superior and risk-adjusted returns, and value addition through investing capital in, developing, selling or leasing assets.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment policy takes a long-term view, and benefits from our experience and ability to add value throughout the process.
We identify core locations where the government is investing, adding our capital to drive double digit returns to ourselves and our shareholders. Our investment in the Greater Mumbai region is a key example.

We see investment in sustainable projects — such as our rainwater collection program in Chennai — as a key method of achieving long term value.

We invest in quality design, from transportation planning to sustainable materials, enabling investors to meet their ESG targets whilst keeping cost of ownership low.

We invest in innovation across a diverse range of asset groups, including residential, commercial, retail developments, both inside and outside of urban centres — from warehouses in the UK to water treatment facilities in India. Our innovative practices allow us to maximise the value we create for our users and our shareholders alike.

Growth, Connectivity and the Knowledge Economy

The history of the industry has been marked, perhaps most predominantly, with a variety of schemes to facilitate the attraction of domestic and international investors as well as individual buyers to own property. These have developed alongside large-scale changes in worldwide demographics, including our descent into the internet era, which has caused a boom in the IT services industry and a corresponding demand for well-connected office space.

The increased connectivity brought by the internet has also entailed worldwide exposure to, and subsequent desire for, the same standards that exist in the most developed nations across the world. Today’s increasingly savvy buyers demand the highest quality for the most value, something they can obtain almost immediately using high-quality, easily accessible public information and price comparison websites.

Our Design Principles of Value, Quality and Beauty

Cities like Singapore are a shining example, now capable of attracting the most important resource of the 21st century: educated, globally connected and technologically-literate individuals who understand value, quality and beauty.

This vision is fast becoming the standard for new entrants to the real estate development world, but with so many options buyers and investors need to know that they can trust the people to whom they give their capital. Inspiring this sort of trust, especially with as large-scale of an industry as real estate, can only be done through years of experience and a strong track record.

Consider Powai, an upmarket neighbourhood located on the outskirts of Mumbai, often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley. In 1989, it was a barren, hilly area, lacking basic infrastructure such as roads, sewer facilities, water and electricity. Taking into account the potential of the land, development entailed the implementation of both the missing infrastructure and the environmental improvement of the land, with over 100,000 trees planted during construction — well before such environmental initiatives were a topic of national interest, incentivised or not.

While these were initially populated by young families and mid-level executives, recent years have seen a wave of IT and e-commerce employees making their homes there too, an indicator of our ability to think years into the future.

Setting A Gold Standard for Infrastructure: Security, Safety and Sustainability

With infrastructure planned around walking, work, retail and sports, our team works hard to build communities which, when planned and designed by the industry’s best, can become a part of the metropolitan centre they sit beside. This approach has been refined with each new project.

We have implemented sustainable development practices for decades now. It’s not just limited to infrastructure, either, as guarantees like security — especially for women — and access to goods and services continue to make them the de-facto choice for investors and residents alike. Why build roads if it’s not possible to walk alone at night? Why require a trip into town to go shopping?

Through years of experience, we’ve gained access to the best resources — from planners to construction companies — and developed a level of expertise that’s made non-issues out of questions related to sustainability, liability, and value for money. Backed by the trust of our investors, our buyers, and our partners, we are pioneers of the real estate sector, independently integrating sustainable practices, efficient city planning, and the foundations for businesses and communities to thrive into all of our projects.

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