Focus Area # 1 – Suburban Townships

H Living is aggregating parcels of land in suburban areas that will be connected to urban centres through the Indian government’s various infrastructure initiatives, which include new roads and industrial corridors.

We are focused on:

i. Investing in land in growth corridors of major cities;

ii. Investing at a reasonable cost; and

iii. Aggregating sufficiently large parcels of land that (a) have the potential to be developed into large, multi-use (residential, commercial, retail) communities and (b) where we can apply our expertise in developing modern mixed-used townships.

H Living is also interested in forming joint ventures with owners of clear land parcels. In these cases, we will capitalize on H Living’s brand, sales and execution strength to maximize the economic benefit to all stakeholders, including that of the land owner.

For more information, please contact the H Living team at +91 22 3369 0055 / 0000 or

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