The Pursuit of Perfection

Founded by entrepreneur Priya Hiranandani, H Living is a ‘next generation’ real estate development company—one that will achieve a whole new level of quality, value and excellence for our customers. The H Living team adheres to two strongly held values:

1. We connect people with the high-quality lifestyle standards they deserve. We have a huge wealth of planning, design, construction and operations expertise, which allows us to focus 100% on delivering what our customers want to the highest standards. We have development experience across all project sizes—from “one-off” micro-projects in city centres, to large-scale suburban mixed-use townships. We also have experience in all real estate classes, including residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and educational facilities.

2. Trust is built on excellence. Over the years, India’s real estate market has seen many changes, but the one constant for H Living is this: To always build beautiful buildings with amenities that, in the past, people could only dream of. Therefore, the shared ethos of the H Living team is the pursuit of perfection and an unswerving attention to detail.

Every H Living team member is dedicated to building beautiful homes and communities in a modernizing India—ones that make a lasting, positive impact on our customers’ lives. Our team also recognizes that it’s through our shared commitment to quality and excellence that we will ultimately achieve our shareholders’ goals.

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